Quick Guide to Ghost Hunting

31 October 2014

Step 1: Download the Haunted Planet App

Haunted Planet is available for iPhone and Android. We recommend using earphones or headphones when hunting ghosts. The best ones are open headphones, like the inexpensive Sony MDR-V150, but anything will do, really.

You are now ready to explore your neighborhood for paranormal activity!

Step 2: Select a Case

When you start the app, you'll see a list of mysterious paranormal cases nearby. Tap on one to download it. More cases will become available as time goes on.

Step 2: The Map

The Map shows where you are. The general area in which you find paranormal activity is marked in purple:

Step 3: The Radar

The Radar shows where there is paranormal activity. Use the radar to get close to a haunting:

Step 3: The Ghost Viewer

When close to a paranormal phenomenon, the Ghost Viewer lets you see into the spirit world and take photos:

Step 3: Casebook

Once decoded, the paranormal photos reveal more detail about the haunting. You can review them from the Casebook and post to Facebook or Twitter:

Happy ghost hunting! And please consider connecting with us on Facebook and Twitter... We'd love to see your ghosts :-)

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